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Heartbreak Productions Return to Fletcher Moss Par

Heartbreak Productions Return to Fletcher Moss Park

British weather always makes open air theatre a risky business, but Heartbreak Productions has never failed to provide a unique experience to their audiences. This year is no different, and Heartbreak is on its way to Didsbury with its 2018 season.

Parsonage Garden Party

Parsonage Garden Party

The beautiful Parsonage Gardens are hosting a party on 15th July. Found between The Old Cock and The Didsbury Pub, the gardens are a wonderful place for taking a break from modern life.

Beaver Road Family Fun Day

Beaver Road Family Fun Day

Didsbury Sports Ground at the end of Ford Lane Didsbury will host the Beaver Road Family Fun Day on 1st July.

Yoga in a Didsbury Venue


Yoga is a form of exercise which specifically focuses on flexibility, breathing and strength. It has been practiced since before records began.

Fletcher Moss Guitar Trail 2018

Fletcher Moss Guitar Trail 2018

The 10th anniversary edition of the Fletcher Moss Guitar Trail is the 22nd July. Enjoy a free event listening to many different guitarists.

Artisan Breadmaking Class

4-hour artisan breadmaking class with Cracking Good Food’s resident baking expert Rob Tomlinson is brilliant value for money and covers all the basics of three types of bread.