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Nicola Rowlands

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  • Didsbury
  • Manchester
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Nicola Rowlands is an independent graphic designer based in Didsbury, Manchester

She specializes in hand-rendered illustrative design which she applies to logos, invitations, posters, books, and online design.

Nicola has created graphics for a range of clients, including the BBC and Whitelines magazine.

Popular requests include wedding invitations, personalized commissioned illustrations and labels for jam! Please don't be scared to get in touch with her, she'd love to meet up for a brew and a chat about whatever creative project you have in mind.

Or pop over to Nicola's online shop for bonkers greeting cards and gift ideas: she designs tea towels, jewelry, tote bags and more.

She stocks her designs in Manchester's very own Royal Exchange Theatre as well as at a selection of other lovely gift shops around the world.

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